Celebrating 40+ Years In Business


Happy 40th!!!

2014 marked 40 successful years in business for PubCom (Publishers Communication Systems, Inc). The company doesn’t intend to blow out candles, but instead ignite them with a roll out of enhanced systems, multiple services and a sleek new look.

The old “PCS” acronym is out the window, ushering in a new company nickname of “PubCom” that really isn’t so new…..for decades both publisher clients and agencies have been referring to “PCS” as “PubCom”. When company executives sat down to iron out a new rebranding campaign it was a natural transition to select “PubCom”.

PubCom comes with a sleek new look as well as a newly revised company logo designed to modernize the look of the company and a simple page turn to reflect just that……moving on to the next page.

The birthday party doesn’t end there, PubCom has new features up its sleeve that will include a modernized and multi-functional website, along with a promise to ignite success through “ComLink”, a state-of-the-art sales software package.