PCS to “PubCom”: A Natural Transition


Publishers Communication Systems, Inc., condensed as “PCS” has announced that the company will refresh its brand by transitioning from PCS to “PubCom”. The transition comes as part of an ongoing rebranding campaign that includes an updated, more modern company logo featured above.

“Our publisher clients are always calling us “PubCom” when I’m at industry events,” reported Nora Jimenez, PubCom’s Director of Publisher Relations. “When we sat down to discuss a company rebrand campaign, the name “PubCom” made perfect sense both from a company perspective and also in the eyes of our clients.”

The magazine circulation industry includes several agencies with company acronyms either identical or similar to Publishers Communication Systems. The first step of the rebranding campaign was to separate the company from similar named competitors.

PubCom enlisted the help of a marketing & branding agency to design a refreshed company logo that features a modern font, a shaded tone and a page turn in the top right-hand corner to symbolize turning the page of a magazine and progressing forward.

PubCom will be celebrating its 41st year in business in 2015. The company promises to roll out a series of system and business enhancements over the coming months. PubCom is located in Margate, Florida and services the magazine industry as both a subscription clearing center and a circulation consulting service.