Sales Knowledge & Resources


PubCom offers 4 decades of expertise in field selling and subscription fulfillment.

We proceed from a simple philosophy: “Advancing your success underwrites our success.” To accomplish this, we provide our associated sales companies with marketing consulting services, our “ComLink” software system, an extensive list of magazine titles, a personalized and secure application for subscriber name protection, along with comprehensive billing and customer services.

Network of Services

Independent sales companies working with us benefit from:

Business Development & Consulting Services

Professional business consultants are available to assist at all levels of sales organizations, from a start-up operation to veteran enterprises. Experienced advice and guidance are available on a variety of business topics including office structure, sales programs, marketing tips, sales leads, tech support, customer retention, brand development and industry regulations.

Comprehensive Billing & Fulfillment Processing Systems

Sales offices can take advantage of our full service billing and order processing center for relief from general office detail, order entry preparation, audit handling and disposition, bookkeeping, customer service inquiries and payroll services if needed…..All of which allows an office to focus on sales productivity….Leave the detail to us.

Services are available a’la carte or in combination within a service package.

Subscription data management program – Online sales system featuring customized sales reports

Credit Card and Invoice Processing – The ability to collect credit card payments or provide invoicing services.

Order Entry Preparation – A processing team at your fingertips that will prepare all orders for clearance including mailing address verification.

Full Customer Service – A team of efficient service representatives can handle all incoming customer service issues in a friendly and expedient manner.

Audit Handling / Disposition – A bookkeeping team will assist in maintaining all necessary documentation to fulfill all AAM audit requests, respond on your behalf and represent your sales organization.

Access Communication

targetPricelist & Titles

PubCom offers hundreds of the nation’s most popular magazine titles to our sales associates accessible through an electronic price list available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online agent portal. PubCom’s price list is updated on a regular basis to ensure all agents receive real time pricing, eliminating future accounting or customer service headaches.

The Wire

Communication is key in building a strong and prosperous relationship. PubCom offers our sales associates a regularly scheduled e-mail updates that we call – The Wire. This includes magazine pricing updates, new magazine title details, industry news, along with audit compliance and updates on PubCom’s multiple services.

Operating Systems

PubCom offers rapid processing of subscription orders through our state-of-the-art processing center. Our newest operating system, currently under testing and final revision, will include customized sales reporting, online processing reports, order preparation, customer service tools and more.

Introducing comlink-sm

ComLink enables our system of sales offices to maximize their subscription production through a state-of-the-art processing center with features designed to maximize their sales operations, ultimately increasing circulation for our publisher clients. ComLink software includes features such as:

  • Subscription data management program
  • Customized sales reporting
  • Comprehensive billing services
  • Invoicing or credit card processing
  • Order preparation with address verification
  • Full customer service responsive to all subscriber inquiries
  • Audit Management for compliance with AAM or publisher audits