PubCom understands circulation and provides a network of services for our publisher clients that compliment their varied needs and interests. Accordingly, subscription sales can be generated exclusively from our internal sales operations or produced in combination with independent selling agents vetted and monitored by PubCom. Diversified marketing programs are fully functional and innovative resulting in quality subscription sales that meet the highest of industry standards and audit requirements.

Covering the Marketplace

Direct Mail Sales … Partnership Sales … Online Subscriptions … Reception Room Sales … Telemarketing Operations … Fundraising Sales … Trade Subscriptions … Sponsored Sales … School Plan Authorizations … Gift Subscriptions … Paid During Service options …

Network of Services

PubCom features business development and planning, management consulting, marketing demographics, sales lead sources, billing services, audit handling and more.  Clients working with PubCom can rely on these resources for enhanced profitability and targeted business success.

Introducing comlink

ComLink enables our system of sales offices to maximize their subscription production through a state-of-the-art processing center with features designed to maximize their sales operations, ultimately increasing circulation for our publisher clients. ComLink software includes features such as:

  • Subscription data management program
  • Customized sales reporting
  • Comprehensive billing services
  • Invoicing or credit card processing
  • Order preparation with address verification
  • Full customer service responsive to all subscriber inquiries
  • Audit Management for compliance with AAM or publisher audits

Providing Quality Control

quality-controlAAM Audit Compliant.

PubCom has taken serious measures over the years to ensure quality control of the subscription orders we process. We take pride in our record of AAM compliance and will continue to evolve and adapt our technological systems and order screening to meet the standards that the industry demands.  Our circulation is reflective of responsible magazine subscription sales practices as defined by consumer protective services at local, state and federal levels.

At PubCom, we:

  • Employ quality control standards throughout our sales systems by performing background checks, state corporation searches, national and local Better Business Bureau searches and check all known business names with publisher banned lists.
  • Perform random spot checks on orders received including conducting internal audits.
  • Provide all sales operations with our “Guide to AAM & Publisher Audits” resource book that outlines AAM and publisher documentation requirements, record keeping tips, along with providing examples of required documents.
  • Employ a PubCom Audit Representative that has a direct relationship with the AAM organization and with our sales offices providing document requirements and reporting guidelines.


demographicsWe can target your desired demographic.

PubCom features internal sales programs that are designed to specifically meet the target demographic needs of our publisher clients.  We continue to work with our affiliated companies to develop social and behavioral profile data that will become the future of effective marketing strategies.